US Flag on an iPad ScreenHello EPICUG Club Members – Happy Independence Day!

In May and June, EPICUG conducted an educational program at the Senior Center that Lee Lasson coined as iSenior. The 2-hour program is targeted toward senior citizens and the content is a basic introduction to the Apple iPad. Joe Calvin helped Lee with the presentation, and Christy Crosser both helped during the program as a facilitator, and worked closely with Kelly Claypool of the Senior Center to setup and promote the events.

The two iSenior presentations to date were very successful. The attendees represent a broad spectrum of experience with the iPad and computing in general. Nonetheless, the presentation blends very beginner-oriented hands-on demonstrations with some more advanced information as well, and the senior participants have reported back positively. In fact, the Senior Center has asked EPICUG to continue the basic course on an ongoing basis and has also inquired about a more advanced course and one-on-one followup sessions.

We have found that there is great demand for the basic knowledge our Club members possess. And, in a small way, EPICUG is contributing to the independence of our senior community.

Additionally, the program has raised $300 for EPICUG’s treasury through the sharing of registration fees with the Senior Center. The problem is that we are having trouble keeping up with demand. Christy, Lee and Joe have contributed considerable time toward creating the giving the presentation, but cannot continue at the Senior Center’s requested schedule. There will be one more session in August (date/time to be determined), but if the program is to continue, other members of the Club must come forward to volunteer. If you are interested in helping with this effort, please let us know! Email Christy, Lee and/or Joe.

Thank you, and have a safe holiday.

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