EPICUG and Mobile Meetings Next Week

Hello EPICUG Members,

Next week, Wednesday, March 21, is our regularly scheduled EPICUG Meeting.  One topic we’d like to discuss is Windows 8.  Windows 8 Consumer Preview, a free download from Microsoft, was recently released.  Have any of you tried it out, would you be interested in demonstrating it to the club?  PLEASE let me know – joe@thorpassoc.com.

Thursday, March 22 (the very next day) is our first EPICUGmobile meeting!  Please come and bring friends.  The topic will be “Introduce yourself, your device, and your favorite app.”  We have the whole first year of presentations planned, including some guest speakers.  iOS devices will be able to be projected on the Hondius Room’s screen.  Look for an announcement in Fridays EP News.


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